Where Danielle Krage interviews creators about the craft of writing comedy.


29: Short autumn break and a quick request

Comedy Masterclass will be back on October 25th (with a special Halloween episode!) In the meantime, I would love it if you could help me share the show, in a way that makes sense for wherever you listen/watch - rate, review, leave a comment. Or...

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28: The Blaine Brothers (directing comedy)

Danielle Krage interviews The Blaine Brothers (Chris and Ben) about their work as filmmakers and particularly their approaches to directing comedy. They directed Sara Pascoe’s ‘Out of Her Mind’ series for BBC2 and Sony TV (through Simon Pegg’s produc...

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27: Lynne Murphy (humour in non-fiction writing)

Danielle Krage interviews Lynne Murphy, Professor of Linguistics at the University of Sussex. Lynne has a fabulous alter-ego as Lynneguist, with an award-winning blog ‘Separated by a Common Language’. Lynne is also the author of ‘The Prodigal Tongue:...

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26: Adam Courting (improv culture and Shakespeare)

Danielle Krage interviews Adam Courting, a highly curious creative whose experience spans improv, devising, performing Shakespeare and more. Adam has brilliant insights into improv comedy culture - what needs to change, and what we can learn from it....

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25: Michelle Gallen (winner of the Comedy Women in Print Prize 2023)

Danielle Krage interviews writer Michelle Gallen, whose book ‘Factory Girls’ won the Comedy Women in Print Prize 2023. Michelle has wonderfully honest and practical takes on the craft and business of writing – from developing the voice and point of v...

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24: Kevin Tomlinson (improv and theatre)

Danielle Krage interviews Kevin Tomlinson, theatre maker and Co-Founder of Kepow Theatre Company. Kevin’s extensive training and live experience in so many forms of improvisation (including with Keith Johnstone, Philippe Gaulier, and John Wright) le...

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The Host

Danielle Krage is a writer who originally trained in theatre. (She accidentally trained as a mime in Paris, but then realised that she really loves words!) She takes being a human and writing comedy ridiculously seriously. You can find out more about her and her writing projects here: