Where Danielle Krage interviews creators about the craft of writing comedy.


47: Ruth Leigh (Writing comic characters)

Danielle Krage interviews novelist Ruth Leigh. They focus on her delightful Isabella M Smugge series, and what it takes to create a comic character that you can develop and sustain across multiple books. Ruth is also the author of the Jane Austen-ins...

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46: End of Season 5 (Back with you on March 6th)

Hey lovely listeners. That's the end of Season 5. I'll be back on March 6th with more fabulous Comedy Masterclass guests. 

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45: Scott Dikkers (How to Write Funny)

Danielle Krage interviews Scott Dikkers, founder of the renowned humour site, The Onion. Scott is a New York Times and Amazon best-selling humour author. He has won a Peabody Award, the Thurber Prize for American Humor and over 30 Webby awards. Plus,...

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44: Writing advice from my favourite ghost (Ray Bradbury)

In this episode, Danielle shares the writing advice of Ray Bradbury, a writer who has influenced her own writing process. She introduces Bradbury and his book 'Zen and the Art of Writing', highlighting his practical and joyful approach to writing. Da...

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43: Julia McKenzie (Getting Audio Comedy Commissioned)

Julia McKenzie is the Commissioning Editor for Comedy and Entertainment at Radio 4, and prior to that was Creative Director of BBC Studios Audio for 7 years, specialising in comedy and entertainment production. In this conversation, Julia provides he...

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42: Lynne Parker (Founder of Funny Women)

Danielle Krage interviews Lynne Parker, Founder and Chief Executive of Funny Women. She created the organisation over 20 years ago now and has made such a contribution to the comedy community, including producing the Funny Women Awards. In this conve...

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Danielle Krage is a writer who originally trained in theatre. (She accidentally trained as a mime in Paris, but then realised that she really loves words!) She takes being a human and writing comedy ridiculously seriously. You can find out more about her and her writing projects here: