Where Danielle Krage interviews creators about the craft of writing comedy.


35: Johnny Smith (writing screenplays for animation)

Danielle Krage interviews Johnny Smith, animation and live-action screenwriter and script consultant. His work spans books, TV and film, including Dragon Rider, and co-writer for The Queen’s Corgi, and Gnomeo and Juliet. This conversation includes: C...

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34: Jane Lovering and Jeevani Charika (How to Write Romantic Comedy)

Danielle Krage interviews writers Jane Lovering and Jeevani Charika. They are shortlisted and award-winning romantic novelists in their individual careers, and together they wrote How to Write a Romantic Comedy. This conversation includes: Having pen...

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33: Dave Cohen (The Complete Comedy Writer)

Danielle Krage interviews Dave Cohen - Broadcaster, BBC TV writer, BAFTA winner for his Horrible Histories songs, and novelist (Stand Up, Barry Goldman, and soon to be released, Barry Goldman: The Wilderness Years). Dave is the author of The Complete...

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32: Aaron Starmer (author of Spontaneous)

Danielle Krage interviews writer Aaron Starmer, whose young adult and middle-grade novels you can find on so many best-of-year lists, from Time Magazine to the Wall Street Journal.   He’s the author of Spontaneous, also adapted into a romantic black ...

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31: Isaac Marion (author of Warm Bodies)

Danielle Krage interviews writer and creative, Isaac Marion. Isaac is the author of the Warm Bodies series. (Warm Bodies became a New York Times Bestseller, inspired a major film, and was translated into 25 languages.) This conversation about weaving...

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30: Zanandi Botes (comedy-horror for Halloween)

Zanandi Botes, writer and comedy horror expert, is the special guest for this Halloween show. Zanandi and Danielle share 3 picks each, to give you 6 comedy-horror recommendations, just in time for Spooky Season. They span zombies, mockumentary, antho...

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The Host

Danielle Krage is a writer who originally trained in theatre. (She accidentally trained as a mime in Paris, but then realised that she really loves words!) She takes being a human and writing comedy ridiculously seriously. You can find out more about her and her writing projects here: