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62: That’s a wrap! What happens next?

Hey everybody, Danielle here.  I’m at challenge complete for creating 52 episodes of Comedy Masterclass.  What happens next? As always, you’re welcome to contact me here:

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64: Becky Holmes (Author of Keanu Reeves is Not in Love With You)

Danielle Krage interviews Becky Holmes, author of ‘Keanu Reeves is Not in Love with You’. Becky is also the creator of and voice behind the massively popular Twitter/X account @deathtospinach. Here she shares insights into how and why she uses humour to expose online...

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63: Heidi Vanderlee (A guide to PR for comedy creators)

Danielle Krage interviews Heidi Vanderlee, founder of Positive Jam – a public relations firm specialising in comedy, podcasting, film, live entertainment, and social justice. Heidi has worked in entertainment and PR for more than a decade; in this conversation, she shares insights that will...

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61: Kate Willett (Combining comedy and personal politics)

Danielle Krage interviews Kate Willett. Kate is a comedian, actress and writer who has appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Netflix’s Comedy Lineup.  Kate has also toured with Margaret Cho, featured with comedians like Maria Bamford, and has written jokes for...

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60: 52 episodes of Comedy Masterclass (Behind the scenes and what I’ve learned)

In this episode, Danielle celebrates completing 52 episodes of Comedy Masterclass and is joined by her husband, Jeremiah, as a surprise guest host. They discuss the motivation behind creating the podcast and Danielle’s own thoughts and approaches to comedy. Note from Danielle: There are...

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59: Kay Stonham (Creating and sustaining a career as a comedy writer )

Danielle Krage interviews Kay Stonham. Kay is a comedy writer-performer who has worked extensively across TV, film, theatre and radio. For example, she has written 10 original series for Radio 4, including Robin and Wendy’s Wet Weekend, and Bad Salsa...

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The Host

Danielle Krage is a writer who originally trained in theatre. (She accidentally trained as a mime in Paris, but then realised that she really loves words!) She takes being a human and writing comedy ridiculously seriously. You can find out more about her and her writing projects here: